Class Projects

2001 Printmaking Class

After viewing a copy of Blake’s engravings for his Illustrations of the Book of Job, students in Printmaking: Etching AVA 151, taught by Sandy Wimer, were given an assignment to design, etch, print and exchange their own works inspired by Blake's.  The result of their exchange includes those below.

“I Dreamed I Was Blind.” Etching by Elaine Kahn

"Journey to Mecca.” Etching by Nurin Jaffer

“Everything.” Etching by Karl Metz

“Gators.” Etching by Jill Foster

Etching by Jacquelin Mason

“Alex.” Etching by John (Ben) Serrell

“What if No One’s Watching.” Etching by Charlotte Beales

“Seneca.” Etching by Keesha Melendez

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