I found new ways to connect with my friends.


I found new ways to connect with my friends.

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Killingworth, CT (USA)

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Minerva House

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March 12th (when I left campus) and beyond

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It's been really hard to be without friends throughout Spring Term after getting so close to people over the past two terms. I'm a First Year at Union, and the friends I made on campus are the best friends I've ever had in my life. They're all so supportive and kind and hilarious! After spending every single day with them for so long, it was really an adjustment to suddenly go home. Because of this, we've gone out of our way to find ways to connect. We Zoom for hours at a time, we check in with each other on a daily basis, we have game nights and movie nights, and we try to find ways to share our lives in spite of our differences.
One of our traditions on campus was to get together in a Minerva and bake cake together for every birthday. Unfortunately, that was not possible for our friend who had a birthday in April. But we still wanted to find a way to make her birthday special, so we had a big Zoom call with all of her friends on campus! And a bunch of us dressed up in our prom dresses so that it would be an even more special event! It was such a silly little thing and it may seem rather inconsequential, but it meant the world to us. It just felt so great that we were still able to find a way to celebrate our friend and have an amazing time!
I'm not gonna lie, this term has been really difficult. It's been hard to maintain a positive attitude, especially with everything going on in the world now. But I am so thankful for my amazing Union friends with whom I still found ways to have fun and maintain normalcy.

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