Been back to work full time since 4/20


Been back to work full time since 4/20

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We just learned today that the college is offering all of us the opportunity to take Monday off ( May 25th, Memorial Day) because there are so few employees on campus. The only problem is, since the students are returning in the next 2 weeks to retrieve their belongings that have been here since they left in March, that is requiring some of us to work overtime to accommodate them. The college has offered us essential workers the day off with pay, however, we're required to use a vacation day in order to do it. Anyone who worked overtime will lose their time and a half pay if they decide to do that. None of the people who have worked so far want to do that. Also, there are students scheduled to come back on the 25th so 4 of us have to be here from 4-7pm to let them into their dorms. It would be nice if the college would just give all of us the day off with pay without having to use a vacation day thus allowing us to keep our overtime hours. Also, in hindsight, it would have been better to schedule the students who are returning to pick another day since none of them are coming back Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Poor planning in my opinion

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