I learned how to make music through Ableton and found out I'm a pretty decent Family Feud host!


I learned how to make music through Ableton and found out I'm a pretty decent Family Feud host!

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Franklin, Ma USA

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Minerva House

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March 23-Present (May 17th)

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Pretty early on into quarantine, my friends decided that we would try to run a weekly game night every Wednesday, so as to make sure we got a chance to see eachother regularly and to keep us from going insane without anything to do. I’ve always been a pretty big fan of the Family Feud game show (with my main interests being how weird the responses people tend to give are), so as I began adjusting to my online classes I wrote up a survey with about 25 questions and sent it to a mix of family and friends. I had a blast reading through responses to questions like, “name a location you would take a date that you never want to see again”, and got a mix of legitimate, comedic, and very perplexing responses. I’ve been able to run two different game nights with it so far, and hope to do more in the future.

Earlier than that, about a week before the term began, my friend had her birthday. Initially, I alongside a few of my friends were supposed to be able to celebrate with her in person. However, the recent rise of coronavirus cases in the US sullied those plans. On the day of her birthday, I sat behind my computer and saw the logo for Ableton, a Digital Audio Workstation that I had downloaded a few months ago, but never taken the time to really learn how to use. After watching a few tutorial videos, I remembered that it was my friend’s birthday, so took the mostly experimental track I had been working on, wrote a few quick lines about how amazing it was that it was her birthday, and sent it to her. Only a few weeks later, another one of my friends had a birthday coming up, and I tend to work more effectively when I have deadlines, so I wrote him a song too. By Tuesday, my third birthday song will be finished, and I’ve got to practice a lot of other aspects of ableton in between then. I’m hoping that post quarantine, this is a practice I’ll be able to keep up with!

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