I have enjoyed spending a lot of time with family.


I have enjoyed spending a lot of time with family.

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Schenectady, NY

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Minerva House

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Since Union shut down in March

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When the pandemic hit the United States and things started to shut down, everyone in my family came home. My parents began working from home and my brothers came home to wait out the pandemic and work from home as well. My parents had recently moved into a larger house so there is plenty of space for us all to live at home comfortably. It has been great spending time with my whole family which has been a rarity these last few years. We all work during the day and then spend time together in the evening. Often, we play board games together or binge watch TV shows. We have also been eating really good family meals because I can cook well and my mother cooks really well. And since I have been eating so well during the pandemic I decided to start running regularly again which I haven't done since high school. Overall, myself and my family have been making the most out of what are certainly very trying times for most.

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