I am very thankful to be safe at home with my family.


I am very thankful to be safe at home with my family.

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I'm grateful to be able to use Zoom and FaceTime, as well as other activities, that allows me to stay connected with my friends. I miss them so much! I live in Syracuse NY and we've had snow a couple of times this week. My dad loves to play golf but hasn't been able to because of the weather, as well as quarantine restriction. A couple of weeks ago, my family and I got into the car and decided to drive to the golf course. Ever since then, each week we travel to different golf courses to check on new additions and clubhouses.
One of my best friends and I started a new show called World on Fire. Every Sunday night we get together, virtual, and watch & discuss our show. It is so nice to be able to stay connected, even miles away.
My closest home friends work at the hospital as nurses, so I have not been able to see them for a couple of months. I am so proud of their courage and kind heart!

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