Trying to spend time outside and stay fit.


Trying to spend time outside and stay fit.

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Feeling Fortunate

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Glenville, NY, United States

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Weekends. Waterfall hike was on April 25, 2020 - a very warm, sunny Saturday.

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I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home at this time. My family members are all deemed essential. We are truly thankful we have jobs, food, health insurance, and our health. There are so many who must do without these things right now and I feel compassion for them. I worry about my family members contracting COVID since they are on the front lines. We have an 89 year old family member who needs help...and although we cannot visit her (she lives alone and has not gone out in 5 weeks), the family makes runs to the grocery store and delivers her meds to her. Everything must be dropped off at her door and we 'visit' by standing below her balcony and talking.
So to escape from time to time, in order to maintain our physical and mental health, we have begun taking hikes in the woods on the weekends. First hike...about 3 miles along a creek. Second hike...about 4 miles along a rushing river. Third hike....7 miles! And although my husband said the third hike was on flat terrain for the first 2 wasn't. It was undulating and somewhat challenging. The reward was this beautiful waterfall.
Stay well Union family!

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