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Mohawk Map

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This map was made by Karonhí:io Delaronde and Jordan Engel in 2015. It depicts Kanonshionni’onwè:ke tsi ionhwéntsare, Haudenosaunee country, in Mohawk terms. The name “Adirondacks'' was anglicized from the Mohawk name Ratirón:taks. The purpose of anglicization is to make foreign words or names easier to pronounce and spell for english speakers. While this is more convenient to english speakers, it can undermine the cultural significance of traditional names. The name Ratirón:taks refers to the Algonquins who were in the area and translates to “ they eat trees.” Although anglicized names can sometimes preserve the native origin of the place names by means of similar pronunciation, this alteration still contributes to the erasure of traditional names.

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