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Le Bon Genre: Observations sur les modes et les usages de Paris

Portrait of a Woman

Bust of a young woman

Evelyn D'Alroy as Turandot in 'Turandot, Princess of China'

Mrs. Yates as Mandane in ‘The Orphan of China’

Total Central Government Expenditures as Share of GDP

McCall’s Pattern

Bruce Lee Statue on Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Kung Fu Shoes

Production of Apparel in China from 1970 to 2015 (in Billion Pieces).

Reagan Missive

Clothing factory in Dongguan, China

Infographic Depicting China's Economy Over 70 Years

Ma Ke Exhibit at Victoria and Albert Museum

Vera Wang CCTV Interview

Wall Street Journal Interview with Guo Pei

Caroline Hu Spotlight and Explanation of the BoF China Prize

Huishan Zhang 2019 Fashion Show

China's Tariffs on US Goods

Graph Depicting China's Role in the Luxury Goods Market

Graph Depicting China's Share of Online Sales in The Luxury Market

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