Wall Street Journal Interview with Guo Pei

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Wall Street Journal Interview with Guo Pei

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Meet Guo Pei, China's First Haute Couture Designer
Guo Pei is an established and extremely respected designer in China who has recently been breaking into the western haute couture design scene. Her most recent display of talent was with a gorgeous gold dress worn by Rihanna at the Met Ball. The dress had many small elements honoring traditional Chinese culture.
Guo Pei also has a line of wedding dresses that is very famous in China as they are a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. She is also making her designs accessible to all price points so that those unable to purchase haute couture can still wear her designs.
郭培是中国一位备受推崇的设计师,最近因其高级时装而在西方导致了注意。她最近的设计是蕾哈娜(Rihanna)在大都会舞会(Met Ball)穿着的漂亮的金色连衣裙。这件衣服以许多小细节尊重中国传统文化。郭培还设计了许多在中国非常有名的婚纱,因为它们融合了传统和现代风格。她希望所有人都能穿到她的设计,因此她以许多不同的价钱卖它们。

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