Ma Ke Exhibit at Victoria and Albert Museum

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Ma Ke Exhibit at Victoria and Albert Museum

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Fashion in Motion / Ma Ke Wuyong behind the scenes
Ma Ke was the first fashion designer from mainland China to be honored with an invitation to show her collection at Paris Fashion week. She also created a haute couture line using upcycled fabrics that were previously deemed unusable. The line was displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2008. The museum wanted to display designs from a Chinese designer as they forecasted the impact that they would have on the fashion industry in the coming years. Unfortunately, while Ma Ke’s designs made waves in Paris they were not enough to solidify her name in the long term on the international fashion scene.
马可是中国大陆第一位请在巴黎时装周上展示其服装的时装设计师。 她还用别人认为无法使用的可重复使用的面料制成高级时装。她的衣服于2008年在维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆展示。该博物馆想展示一位中国设计师,是因为他们认为中国设计师将很快改变时尚产业。尽管马可的衣服在巴黎导致了人们的注意,但当今世界上大多数时尚人士并不知道她的名字。

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