Mrs. Yates as Mandane in ‘The Orphan of China’

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Mrs. Yates as Mandane in ‘The Orphan of China’

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While hairstyles meant to mimic those found in China quickly lost popularity, casting white actors and actresses in roles where they were to play Chinese characters did not. One of the earliest documented instances of an actress dressed as a Chinese character was in 1759 in a production of a Chinese play called The Orphan of Zhao. The actress in the image is Mary Anne Yates, the first woman to play the lead role in the adapted play.
尽管受中国影响的发型迅速失去了知名度,但让白人演员扮演中国人物很流行。白人女演员第一次扮演汉字之一是在1759年,该戏剧首次用英语表演了赵氏孤儿。图像中的女演员是Mary Anne Yates,是首位扮演最重要人物的女人。

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Tilly Kettle 1734 or 5–1786


Oil paint on canvas

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Support: 1924 × 1295 mm
frame: 2185 × 1555 × 80 mm

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