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Bust of a young woman

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The Hair à la Chinoise style was in fact so popular that there are many art pieces depicting the hairstyle that are not even attached to any particular woman. The style is relatively easy to achieve compared to the other complicated styles of wealthy women as it only requires a few pins and a curling iron, making it quite popular for a decade.
这种Hair à la Chinoise发型非常流行,以至于有很多艺术品在展示它。 艺术甚至都不是有名的女性。与有钱女人穿着的其他发型相比,这种发型很容易做到。这种发型流行了十年,因为它只需要几个发夹和一个卷发器即可。

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Jean-Pierre Dantan (French, Paris 1800–1869 Baden-Baden)



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Height (with socle): 29 1/2 in. (74.9 cm)

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