Nott From a Distance

The Nott is the center of our Union campus and a big part of what makes our campus what it is, we all see it everyday whether it be walking to Reamer for lunch, or to ISEC for class, or wherever else we may go. The Nott is always there. But the Nott is so much more. A place to learn from speakers on the first floor, view amazing art in the Mandeville Gallery on the second, or a place to study on the third. The Nott Memorial is the heart of our campus in more ways than one.  The Nott symbolizes unity and while we may not be on campus, we can bring that sense of unity through difference (and distance) through this project. The objective is simple - take the Nott and make it your own! My challenge is for you to recreate the Nott wherever you maybe, however seems right to you. Maybe it's a painting or a drawing, a poem or a story, a sculpture or even your favorite Nott shot from your favorite days on campus. It can be anything you want, the sky’s the limit, artist or not you can recreate the Nott your way, whatever way that may be. Submit as many versions of the Nott as you want, and come back often to see what others are creating in the 2-D browse section or check out the Virtual Gallery under the "Exhibit" tab. Get creative!.  Remember there are no wrong answers,  and most importantly have fun!


Stuck? Here are some ideas:


Email Mallory Nelson at Nelsonm@union.edu