Project Creator

Hi my name is Mallory Nelson I am a sophmore at Union College, studying studio Arts.  I am involved on campus with My Minerva house, as a Member of UProgram, and am a founding member of Kappa Delta Phi NAS at Union College. This project was created as a Pop-Up event for AAH-218-01 Creative Placemaking & Art. For this project we were tasked to create a sense of community using art, and our professor challenged us to find a way to build community within the confinsed of social distancing. For this project I wanted to focus on my Union community. One which has been much harder to connect to being thousands of miles and 3 timezones away and at times feels like it might as well be on a different planet. When thinking about Union and what it means to be on campus and how to bring that feeling into a virtual space I thought of the Nott Memorial. The center peice of our campus, a building we all walk by almost every day and I though about how it can mean so many different things to each on of us, and that is why for this project I wanted to challenge my community to share what the the Nott Memorial means to them.

If you have any Comments or Questions please feel free to reach out, my email is nelsonm@union.edu.