Gender and Society Oral History Interviews

Here is a small sample of oral histories that were conducted during the Women's Studies 10/Anthropology 12: Gender and Society class taught by Prof. Sharon Gmelch in 1995. Interviews were conducted by students of her class, and the questions focus on impressions and observations before and after coeducation became official at the College. This collection is the Gender and Society Oral History Interview collection (RG03-029-002)  held in the Department of Special Collections, Schaffer Library.  Stay tuned for the remaining interviews, which will be posted in our institutional repository. 

Ruth Anne Evans

Ruth Anne Evans Interview, Part 1 and 2.  Ruth Anne Evans joined the Union College faculty librarians in 1952, and she became the first woman to be awarded a full professorship at the College in 1973. She was eventually made College Librarian, and she retired in 1989.

Kristine Gernert-Dott 

Kristine Gernert-Dott was an alumna of the Union College Class of 1986. She was Associate Dean of Admissions at the College for a time. 

Kristine Gernert, 1986. From the Garnet, courtesy of the Department of Special Collections, Schaffer Library. 

Kristine Gernert-Dott Interview. 

Doc Gill-Chandler

Doc Gill-Chandler became a full time employee at Union in 1987 as a cook at Sigma Phi fraternity, having worked part time in various positions part time before the school became coeducational. 

Doc Gill-Chandler Interview, Part 1. 

Doc Gill-Chandler Interview, Part 2. 

Carolyn J. Levy

Carolyn was a  current student and senior in Union College's Class of 1995 at the time of this interview. 

Carolyn Levy from the Garnet, 1995. Original held in the Department of Special Collections, Schaffer Library. 

Carolyn J. Levy Interview. 

Kay Swartz 

Kay discusses her involvement with Union College as the wife of a faculty member, her experience of gender roles, and her impressions on the College's move to coeducation. 

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