Chi Psi


Chi Psi


The foundation for the Chi Psi Lodge, the campus home of the fifth national fraternity founded at Union College, was laid in 1901. Located between the Alpha Delta Phi and Psi Upsilon houses, the building was formally known as the Philip Spencer Memorial Building in honor of one of its student founders. The Chi Psi fraternity remained in residence in the building for over 100 years.

Although Mrs. Perkin's family was often involved in fraternity life, this particular society did not always land in her good graces. She writes, "The Chi Psis have been having a great convention here, and a great ball last night and the carriages woke me up at four o'clock, and I was very indignant, considering [sic] what society it was!" (May 16, 1902).

The building was renovated and greatly expanded in 1928. In 2004, after further renovations, it became one of the seven Minerva Houses on campus, Golub House.


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