Charles B. Pond


Charles B. Pond


During the time of Mrs. Perkins' letters, this house was the residence of Charles B. Pond, Assistant Treasurer and ferocious debt enforcer under Frank Bailey (Union College Class of 1885 and College Treasurer at the time). Referred to by Charles Waldron (Union College Class of 1906) as the "blunt and rigorous instrument" Bailey used to handle the College's financial difficulties, Pond earned a rather unpleasant reputation at the College. Although students were often amused by "Ducky's" vulgar speaking style and even by the unconventional methods he used to get them to pay their debts, the faculty generally had a strained relationship with him.

Mrs. Perkins' letters suggest her own negative and even hostile attitude towards Pond. She describes him as "a disagreeable man to have words with" (September 14, 1902) and complains about what she regards as his insensitivity and bad taste. In one letter Mrs. Perkins actually mentions shaking her fist at Pond's window while he was away and being relieved to be rid of his "hateful presence" (July 6, 1904).

In 1906, Pond began to build a new house for himself at 17 South Lane, just east of the Psi Upsilon house, and he moved there the following year. He did not get to enjoy it for long, however; he resigned and left the College a year later. His original house on Nott Street was sold, then repurchased by the College in 1936 and had a variety of occupants until it was razed some time around 1963/64.


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