Orchard Hale Residence


Orchard Hale Residence


From 1895 to 1901, the house at 762 Nott Street was occupied by Mrs. Perkins' daughter Rose, her husband Jack, and their children. It was given to Edward Everett Hale Jr. (Jack) as incentive to come to Union, where he became Professor of Rhetoric and Logic and, later, Professor of English. Mrs. Perkins wrote of the renovations that were promised upon their arrival: "The Palmer house will be put in order for them; the roof raised and a room added, and a chimney put in place, and water put in" (March 26, 1895).

The family was generally very pleased with "The Orchard", as the Hale home was known. "The house will be very charming, and the light in the dining room, with the sunlight lying in broad bars under the apple trees, was strangely beautiful" (Oct 3, 1895). Rose had a garden there with lilac hedges, and she kept a cow and chickens. Although the students were generally helpful to Rose, Mrs. Perkins wrote of one occasion when two of them walked around in Rose's absence and awakened her baby. She also reported that someone, perhaps more amusingly, held phonograph concerts on The Orchard's piazza in 1900.

After the death of Professor Perkins, the Hales moved in with Mrs. Perkins. A few unmarried instructors, among others, occupied their former home for a while, but the building was razed at an unknown date sometime in the twentieth century.


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