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Learn more about materials digitized and curated by the library, from our Special Collections, Permanent Art Collection, Archives, and Adirondack Research Libraries.

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View exhibitions that provide context, insights, and new ideas around materials held within the Special Collections, Permanent Art Collection, and Adirondack Research Library.

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Institutional Repository, Student Collections, and Faculty Work

View materials created by students and faculty for research and teaching. We use a variety of platforms, including Omeka and SketchFab to provide students and faculty ways to explore materials, build their own collections, and host an institutional repository and Digital Works to openly share products of student work at the college, including theses, posters, and presentations.

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Highlights from the Catalog

Explore different featured highlights from Schaffer Library's physical items in the catalog. Examples include selected items to commemorate Indigenous People's Day, Banned Books Week, Valentine's Day and more.