Paul A. Schaefer Bookmark (front)


Paul A. Schaefer Bookmark (front)


Paul A. Schaefer

Grassroots Activism and the American Wilderness: Pioneers in the 20th Century Adirondack Park Conservation Movement” highlights the remarkable careers of John Apperson and Paul Schaefer, two citizen activists who were dedicated to preserving the Adirondacks and New York’s Forest Preserve. This
exhibit focuses on their early forays into political activism. Indefatigable, determined, and politically astute, Apperson and Schaefer prompted a national dialogue around preserving wilderness for future generations. They are now remembered as giants of the conservation movement.
He published three books and countless essays and articles which reshaped public opinion on environmentalism. Schaefer also mentored Howard Zahniser, an American environmental activist and author of the federal Wilderness Act of 1964. 
Schaefer was a master builder, specializing in period homes and historic restorations in the Schenectady area. He later transformed his personal Adirondack book collection
into a publicly accessible research library for future environmentalists, which is now a part of Union College.

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