Enslaved People Stand Up for Themselves and Each Other


October 25, 1879


Enslaved People Stand Up for Themselves and Each Other

What occurred

As the chance of emancipation grew, enslaved people tackled bigger difficulties in the slave system. At La Esperanza, a sugar estate, the enslaved people started speaking out against the harsh leader. Aurelio Aguilera, a Spanish colonel, tried to scare the people into obedience by arresting 10 people seen as "troublesome" hoping that it would subdue the rest. This did not work out as planned as the people continued to fight back trying to get freedom for the 10 arrested earlier. The enslaved people challenged the soldiers which resulted in a 10 minute struggle. An additional two people were arrested and everyone else also received punishment. While this was not successful on the behalf of the enslaved people. It is still an extremely important event because it shows how slaveholders were losing their grip on power since they had to remind people of the social hierarchy, and even with these "reminders", people weren't being obedient.


Student name(s)

Anna Trancozo


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