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Attack the Future!

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"Attack the Block" is a British film that follows a group of teenage boys in South London during an alien invasion. It is up to the boys to defeat the aliens and save the "block" that they live in. This is not only an amazing film for anyone to watch but it also does a fantastic job of defying the norms. It fits in the afrofuturist genre because it is a science fiction movie that follows a racially integrated group of teenagers who end up saving the day. The film focuses on the main character Moses, a misguided Black teenager who is a leader and role model to his friends. Moses isn't perfect but he saves his "block" from the attack and ends up a hero.

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"Attack the Block" is a British science fiction movie that was directed by Joe Cornish. This movie is set in South London and more specifically the Wyndham Tower which is a tower block in the city. The story is set in modern times and it takes place on Guy Fawkes night which is a huge holiday in London that is celebrated on November fifth. This is not only an amazing film for anyone to watch but it also does a fantastic job of defying the norms.

The movie is categorized as science fiction because the plot involves aliens coming down from space and landing in South London. The story follows a group of racially diverse teenagers. This movie can be considered afrofuturism because it is a science fiction movie that centers on a group of mostly Black teenagers, with a few white side characters. I found it very interesting to see a science fiction movie that focuses on Black characters because that is somewhat rare. This film also goes against some of the character roles in movies that typically are in the film industry. Moses is the main character and he is a young Black kid who ends up saving the day and being the hero. To have a young Black man saving the day is something you don’t get to see a lot. Pest is the only white teenage boy in the gang and he is used at the comedic relief in the movie, a role reversal since it is usually the Black character providing the comedic quips. Pest is also the only boy that is actually bitten by one of these aliens which is also different from the norm of the black side character that is always hurt or killed first. It is also important to watch a movie that is mainly focused on Black characters because you really don’t see that as much. This movie having mostly black characters and even a white comical relief side character are both huge for the growth of the film industry as a whole which is why I think this movie is so essential. In recent years there has been a large amount of justified criticism from people of color about their representation in movies, "Attack the Block " is a step in the right direction.


Brixton, London, UK

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Andrew Murray

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