Among all of the mathematical disciplines the theory of differential equations is the most important... It furnishes the explanation of all those elementary manifestations of nature which involve time.

-- Sophus Lie

In order to solve this differential equation you look at it until a solution occurs to you. 

-- George Polya


Under the Global Challenges & Social Justice curriculum, this course counts for the Global Challenges area of inquiry through the Data & Quantitative Reasoning (DQR) perspective. This course will cover various global challenges in which differential equations are used to study. Some of these included Populations Modeling and Species Conservation, Pollution/global warming (Mixing Problems), Safety in engineering designs (Tacoma Narrows Bridge) and Turbulence.

In this website, you will be uploading your Project Video Presentation. Course projects are designed to help reinforce your theoretical knowledge and develop your ability to apply this knowledge to the solution of practical problems. You will be asked to research and study a particular global problem where differential equations are used. The project will culminate in a 5-minute video presentation (no shorter than 5 minutes, but no longer than 10 minutes) which will be shared with your classmates. You are encouraged to comment on your fellow classmates' videos regarding your thoughts on their topic. See Nexus for the exact requirements of your video. You are encouraged to discuss with me your chosen topic.


MTH-130  is taught by Dr. Phanuel Mariano, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.